The Red House

Newport Pagnell

The Red House, Newport Pagnell

1 Wolverton Rd, Newport Pagnell MK16 8BG

Telephone: 01908 990139

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There was a sense of pleasant surprise as my guest and I walked made our way into The Red House. There is nothing wrong with the outside of this establishment, but it does not give an indication to just how beautiful it is inside. The restaurant has a very clean and modern feel, with little rustic touches to remind you that you’re in a traditional British pub. The lay out of the restaurant itself makes this an ideal location for couples and groups alike.

Steak Night

We were here on a Wednesday, and for The Red House, that means one thing – Steak Night! The restaurant was busy, and if diners aren’t looking up as you walk in, you can often tell the food must be pretty good.

A meat counter is available, giving you the chance to personally choose the steak you would like, but of course, you are not limited to just steak. The menu is extensive and it is pleasing to see the food is always sourced locally where possible. Not only are the ingredients of a high quality, the food is cooked and prepared by a team who are obviously very talented.

We opted for a simple appetiser of fresh bread with oil and balsamic. This was yummy and didn’t disappoint.

“So how are we going to eat this?” asked my guest, not of the bread, but of our main course. “Not sure! So long as I get more than half, I’ll be happy” was the response. We were referring to none other than the Tomahawk Steak.

You will never, ever forget it

This fantastic sharing steak proved not only the focal point of our table when it arrived, but of the whole evening too. We simply could not stop talking about how amazing it was. “Was it really that good?” I hear you ask. Let’s put it this way; order this Tomahawk Steak and you will never, ever forget it.

Tomahawk Steaks are cooked on the bone, which helps to give it the most incredible flavours. Ordered medium – rare, the kitchen absolutely nailed it and this received a perfect 10 out of 10! You most definitely do not need to order a sauce to accompany it, such are the awesome flavours that transcend from every bite.

The Mediterranean  vegetables and sweet potato fries that accompanied the steak were a mere side-show. That said, the fries were so good we ordered some more.

Making memories

We simply did not feel the need for dessert after this but for you dear reader, we found some room. The big kid in me came out when I saw the Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae on the menu. As it arrived my first thought was that it would be impossible to finish it. But that’s always the problem isn’t it? When food is so tasty, from somewhere unknown, you find this ability to just keep eating.

Life feels pretty good when you’re making memories and that’s exactly what we did here thanks to the Tomahawk, the surroundings, and some lovely service to boot!

*please note that Tomahawk Steaks are subject to availability. Booking and ordering in advance improves your chances of being able to sample this amazing dish.