The Crown

The Crown – Granborough

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The Crown Pub & Restaurant, Winslow Road, Granborough, Buckingham, MK18 3NJ

Granborough is without doubt, a beautiful and rather charming village. At its centre for hundreds of years has stood the equally charming pub and restaurant called The Crown. It is remarkable that a recent refurbishment has modernised this venue; yet somehow maintained its original character.

The restaurant

The main restaurant is situated in the conservatory. It is both comfortable and inviting with farmhouse tables and high-back chairs. The pub also has a beautifully decorated pub area. This bar and a fantastic looking garden make this the ideal location for those who simply want to get away and enjoy a drink.

After taking our seats, it is fair to say I took longer to make my choices than normal. I was attracted to most of the dishes on the menu. I eventually opted for the Salmon Fishcake, Spinach and Lemon Butter. The fishcake itself was tasty (and by sitting on a bed of spinach it was sat just above the butter, meaning it maintained its lovely crispy coating). The butter is what made this dish. This was a lovely sauce, executed very well with a subtle hint of lemon, yet it did not overpower the fishcake. I couldn’t get enough of this! 

Standout presentation!

The most beautiful looking dish of the evening was without a doubt, my choice of Lamb Pie. Served with a delicious Peas a la Francaise, Salsa Verde and an outstanding lamb gravy. My immediate reaction after finishing this course was that I wanted to return soon to eat it again. The pie possessed a lovely golden colour that screamed “Eat me!” The pastry was had a perfect, crispy texture yet melted in the mouth. The lamb was delicious and there was plenty of it too. The accompanying gravy not only made the dish; but lifted it to another level. Excellent!

My guest ordered traditional pub fayre in Padbury’s Bangers & Mash, Braised Red Cabbage, Proper Gravy. The Crown source all of their meets locally from Padbury Meats and my guest commented on the quality of the sausages and their flavour. The creamy mash was a delight and although this is a relatively simple dish, it was faultless and much enjoyed.
To finish, I opted for the Warm Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie, Strawberry Sorbet. The soft, warm brownie was lighter than I expected and easily satisfied my sweet tooth! Now that our meal was complete, I looked up to my guest reviewer, smiled and said “Gorgeous!” I can confirm he did realise I was making reference to the dessert!

Prepared with love

The food at The Crown is clearly prepared with a lot of love and attention from start to finish. What is also abundantly obvious is that the staff at The Crown genuinely enjoy what they do. The service was impeccable. Their warmth was endearing, their timing perfect and their knowledge of the food was both welcomed and respected.

Additional comments

It is fair to say there will be a few people who haven’t heard of The Crown. Some may not even know of Granborough. The village of Granborough is just a few minutes from Winslow and we reached our destination from Central Milton Keynes in just over 20 minutes.

Enjoy your wine? The Crown has a desire to offer some of the more interesting wines available alongside the more traditionally known. There is a sufficient range of wines to serve most tastes and suit most pockets. The accompanying descriptions on the menu will help you make an informed choice, but if you’re unsure, you can simply ask. The Crown do everything they can to ensure there is a wine to suit every dish on the menu.

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