The Brothers’ Supper

@ Nonna's in Woburn Sands

The Brothers’ Supper hosted by Nonna’s in Woburn Sands

Review on Sunday, 4th November, 2018, Nonna’s, The Square Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes MK17 8SY

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Team work – The Brothers’ Supper & Nonna’s combine for a dining experience never to be forgotten

When Aaron and Shane Clarke of The Brothers’ Supper decided to host a fine dining Italian experience, there was surely only one venue they would have considered. Nonna’s in Woburn Sands is a truly stunning setting. As we took our seats in the packed restaurant, there was already an incredible, warm and vibrant ambience. The last time I dined here, I felt like I was in my very own ‘mini Italy’ and on this occasion, you could almost feel the excitement among diners about the culinary experience that was to follow.

The excellent canapes being offered before our food arrived almost teased us. So flavoursome, it was if they served notice to the exceptional food that was about to arrive.

Course One – Butternut Squash & Coconut Soup, Sweetcorn, Ricotta & Sage Ravioli, Chili Oil, Toasted Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Even though there were five more courses after this soup, I really didn’t want this one to end. Superlatives couldn’t possibly describe how delightful it was. The remarkable aspect to this dish was that you could taste every ingredient with every bite and they combined so well. The quality and depth of flavour was immense, further enhanced by the chili oil which had a lovely level of spice.

Course Two – Prosciutto, Braised Chicory, Pear and Artichoke Bruschetta, Orange Syrup

This dish had delightful, clean, fresh flavours and was quite simply the work of a genius. So light and easy to eat, the riot of texture combinations with every mouthful made this even more appealing. If course one had left me wanting more, course two had me purring with anticipation about the rest of our meal.

Course Three – Kale Crusted Cod Loin, Potato Al Forno, Piccolo Parsnip, Salsa Verde Hollandaise
The Clarke brothers of The Brothers’ Supper

The Clarke brothers certainly know how to present their food. This dish left me in awe of their skills; this was a picture and brilliantly executed. When you think of cod, you want it to fall apart and be lovely and flaky. That is exactly what we received and its mild flavours were accompanied by a gorgeous-tasting, silky smooth Hollandaise. This dish seemingly had it all, yet remarkably, the attractive looking Piccolo Parsnip that laid across the top of this dish was also packed full of flavour. I adored the crispy Kale. This was simply outstanding food in every respect.

Course Four – Barbequed Lamb Rump, Nduja Sausage, Braised Lentils, Nonna’s Tomato Sauce

This felt like a unique and creative way to serve lamb. At first you think it is the The Nduja Sausage that makes this dish as it gives you a beautiful heat sensation. Yet the lamb was still allowed to be the star of the show. Perfectly cooked, tender and flavoursome, it leaves your tummy smiling with delight. The lentils and powerful sauce leave you itching for more.

Course Five – Limoncello, Blackberries, Raspberry, Apple

This dish sounds relatively simple, yet its appearance was one of artistry. Presented in a large wine glass, it felt almost a shame to ruin what looked an absolute treat. You couldn’t help but notice everyone was smiling as this dessert arrived at their tables. Quite how so much flavour can be packed into such a light and intricate dish was something that I found remarkable. The quality of the ingredients shone through.

Course Six – Dark Chocolate, Superfruit & Hazelnut Panforte, Chocolate and Tonka Bean Soil, Blueberry Sorbet

When you’re enjoying yourself, whether it be out with friends, on a date or simply watching a film, you sometimes wish the experience wouldn’t end. I almost didn’t want course six to arrive, for once eaten, a truly brilliant evening would draw to a close.

The finale was a stunning way to end one of the very best dining experiences I have enjoyed. The sorbet sitting proudly on top of the Panforte was exquisite; so incredibly refreshing, so fruity and vibrant. Superbly made! The Panforte itself had the most comforting, hug me texture that was enhanced with the intense flavour Tonka Beans. Every single mouthful was met with admiration for a truly outstanding dessert.

The Brothers’ Supper have other dining events planned over the coming months. You can find out more by following them on Facebook.
They also cater for private dining events, functions and demonstrations and will be returning to Nonna’s in 2019 in an event to support the homeless in Milton Keynes.