Scott Ludlow

Scott Ludlow – Executive Head Chef, The Organic Kitchen @ The Plough

Tel : 01908 691555
The Plough, Simpson Rd, Simpson, Milton Keynes MK6 3AH

Scott Ludlow has achieved more in his relatively short culinary career than most Chefs will in their lifetime. At just 20 years-of-age he owned his own restaurant. At 24 he owned another. He eventually sold both. He has also cooked all over the world, from France to America and Japan to Thailand. He has also helped open restaurants and hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Scott Ludlow

From a young age Scott never found the need to look at recipes. He likes to cook from scratch, feels he can taste the food in his head before he has even started, and from what we are told, he will normally get it right too!

Creativity and fun

Creativity and fun are paramount to any kitchen Scott runs. Here’s someone who has made a full English breakfast that’s actually a dessert. Someone who will not only delight your taste buds, but play with your mind too. Take two squares of jelly for example. Strawberry and lime. But imagine the green jelly being the flavour of strawberry, and the red one tasting of lime.

Although these might not necessarily be what you encounter at The Organic Kitchen, Scott is adamant food will be served with a creative flair.

Lamb saddle

All the plates need to be expressive, and say ‘organic.’ There are 5 other Chefs in the kitchen and this is not just my menu. Everyone will have their input. And Will (Head Chef) is someone I have a lot of time for.”

Won’t be on a tight leash

You sense Scott is in his perfect job. His new role will certainly challenge him. And with some amazing ideas ahead for the Organic Kitchen Company, he will surely relish the hard work to come. “I won’t be on a tight leash here. I will have the opportunity to create exciting, modern dishes. I enjoy getting the best out of my staff.”


While talking to Scott I wanted to get an idea of his thinking about food. At times I couldn’t keep up. It’s difficult to meet someone so passionate about what they do. For example, I asked him to take a potato, a pepper and a leek. “What would you do with that Scott?” He replied that “On their own they’re not exciting. But I’d do this….” I recall him mentioning the textures and flavours and ultimately thinking the man is a genius. Time will tell of course, but you cannot help but spend two minutes in his company and find yourself desperate to sample his cooking.

There is little doubt there are some incredibly talented individuals working in the kitchen at The Plough. Now to book that table!

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