Paris House

Paris House, Woburn

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Woburn Park, Woburn, Bedford MK17 9QP

The grandest of stone archways greeted us as we turned into the grounds of the Woburn Estate. As we moved slowly through the winding roads of this stunning deer park, we caught our first glimpse of the most beautiful Tudor-style establishment. This was already an awe-inspiring experience. Welcome to Paris House.

Tasting menus

We were here to sample the 6-Course Chapel Down Lunch Menu. 8 and 10 course options are also available which change quarterly to reflect the seasons.

The delightful canapes that arrived before our first course quickly gave an indication of the quality of food to follow.


Carrot – Heirloom Carrots, Dill and Cold Pressed Carrot Juice had the honours of being served first. The dish was brought to our table with the waiting staff then adding the consommé. We immediately fell in love with the service we were receiving – friendly and engaging yet in no way intrusive. It certainly added to the experience. This dish was a delight both in appearance and taste. It is noticeable for its freshness – but the flavours from the sweet carrot are incredible. This was an intriguing dish demonstrating an awful lot of skill.

Next we had the joy of sampling the Trout – Quinine, Ginger and Cucumber. The trout is cured and full of flavour. I cherished this alongside the crispy ginger. We were two courses into our meal and what should have been obvious from the first course, was now proven beyond doubt in the second –the combination of the ingredients and flavours are extremely clever.


The almost cheekily named KFV is understandably, a hugely popular course. Veal Sweetbreads, Charred Tomato & Onion. This dish was amazing in every respect – the combination of textures and flavours were superb. The sweetbreads are smoky and rich. The smoked onion would normally be a support act. They might even go unnoticed – but one bite of these alone left me purring with delight. All this alongside the amazing tasting chipotle chillies – incredible.

The duck course was the one I was most looking forward to and it didn’t disappoint. This is Duck, Peas, Broad Brans and Fennel Pollen. The flavours from the duck were unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Quite how it is served so tender, is something that left me in awe of the talents of those preparing the food.

What a treat!

Mochi – Kuromitsu, Azuki Bean & Apricot saw us move onto the sweet courses. Phil Fanning’s love of Japanese confectionary is clearly demonstrated here. My mind was confused – how can someone who loves desserts so much never have tasted anything quite like this? What a treat!

Finally we moved onto the Green Apple – Green Apple, Angelica & Buttermilk. This sounds relatively simple does it not? But this is Paris House. The result was a dessert that both my guest and I described as the best we had ever eaten.

This was ultimately, a dining experience that will live long in the memory.


You may be a little surprised to find the above was available for just £43 per head. Considering the quality of food on offer, this was remarkable value for money.

Weddings & Private Dining

Paris House is a truly beautiful venue in the Woburn Estate, making it the perfect location to host a wedding reception or for a private dining experience. Whether you are organising a special family occasion or a corporate event, you can make use of the beautiful dining rooms and enjoy and exceptional dining experience.

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