Olivier’s Restaurant


Olivier’s Restaurant at The Woburn Hotel

01525 290441

1 George St, Woburn, Milton Keynes MK17 9PX

Everything about Olivier’s Restaurant is quality personified. We almost feel like we could stop there. That’s it. Do we need to say anymore? Well, actually we do. Not often, if ever, have we tasted the food, judged the service, enjoyed the ambience and surveyed the décor to find it absolutely impossible to find a single fault. My guest and I didn’t want this dining experience to end.

I elected to start with Grilled Scallop with a Crab Bonbon, crab mayonnaise and avocado dip which was presented like artwork on a plate. The combination of the textures from the beautifully soft scallop and the crispy bonbon were what made this dish so appealing. The flavours were out of this world too. With everything tasting so amazingly fresh, and prepared so well, it was left to the perfect accompaniment of avocado dip to bring it all together.

Simply sublime

Carpaccio of Venison with Parmesan Wafers, grilled asparagus and truffle salad was the choice to begin for my guest. They admitted this would not be something they usually order. Superlatives followed almost every bite and this is, without question a fantastic addition to the menu at Olivier’s. The venison of course, proved the star of the show. Full of the most beautiful flavours it was well supported by the amazing Parmesan Wafers and delicious asparagus. Simply sublime.

When the food is as beautiful as this, it leaves you salivating at the thought of what is still to come. The main courses now had an awful lot to live up to!

The perfect balance

Pan fried Guinea Fowl with Ham and Pea Croquette, sweet corn puree and tarragon jus was the choice of my co-reviewer for main course. Yet again the superlatives continued. What a fabulous looking dish this is. I was told I would be allowed to sample some. Unfortunately my guest somehow forgot. They raved about every single ingredient on the plate – the beautifully prepared Guinea Fowl, the most amazing croquette, the sweet corn puree which was not just there to give the dish a dash of colour, and the incredible tarragon jus. This was a beautifully prepared dish with the perfect balance of flavours.

Mouth-watering masterpiece

Confit of Salmon with Beetroot rosti, quinoa risotto and poached quail egg was my choice of main course. This proved yet another example of the artistry of everyone in the kitchen at Olivier’s. I loved the rosti and I enjoyed the quinoa even more. The salmon was the star of the dish as you would expect but this was a perfect example of ingredients combining to perfection to form a mouth-watering masterpiece.

Food can do the most amazing things and these exceptional dishes did not just please the palate but somehow the mind too.

My guest ordered the Duo of Apple Tart and Blackberry Mousse. Again, you are left in admiration at the prowess of the Chefs to present food in such a way. The remark that this was probably one of the “best desserts I have ever tried” really does say it all.

By now, you the reader will hopefully have gathered that Olivier’s is a must for anyone who enjoys exceptional food. The food is not only prepared by a team of hugely talented Chefs, but served by waiting staff who enhance your experience. They are professional yet they help you to relax and enjoy the experience. Olivier’s is also competitively priced meaning this is not just a destination for special occasions. This was a night to savour.

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