The Old Thatched Inn

The Old Thatched Inn, Adstock

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The Old Thatched Inn, Main St, Adstock MK18 2JN

Imagine how you felt when you fell in love for the first time. Remember that feeling where you were aching to see that person again. Remember how you went to sleep thinking of them, and when you woke the next morning, they were your first thought of the day. We’ve all done it haven’t we? Except, this morning I woke up thinking ‘The Old Thatched Inn, Adstock.’ Yes, I am in love with a pub!


If you haven’t even left a restaurant and you’re already telling yourself that you cannot wait to return – to enjoy the experience again, to be in awe of the food on offer, you have to wonder how any gastronomic experience can possibly beat this. As we parked the car, I found myself several yards ahead of my guest as I approached the entrance. Simply because I couldn’t wait! The Old Thatched Inn has a lounge area, with several high quality sofas in which to take a seat and enjoy a drink while viewing the menu. We ordered the freshly baked selection of homemade bread, flavoured oil, balsamic vinegar & marinated olives.

Even this simple appetiser gave us a good indication of the quality of the food we were about to be served. The bread was delicious on its own and with the excellent oil and a lovely balsamic, which possessed an almost sticky texture, we were soon desperate to sample dishes from the main menu.

A starter that has everything…

We took our seats in a small alcove which was incredibly cosy and intimate. I started with a classic dish – Grilled Black Pudding & Bacon Salad with a Poached Duck Egg and Grain Mustard Dressing. The presentation of this dish was excellent, and the food itself – impossible to fault. The large poached egg sat proudly on top of the black pudding and was perfectly cooked. The salad was first class and the mustard dressing delicious. This starter had everything.

Heaven on a plate

The amazing presentation of my starter was somehow exceeded when our main courses arrived. I had ordered the Honey & Szechwan Glazed Aylesbury Duck Breast with Dauphinoise Potatoes, Braised Leeks and Duck Leg Won Ton. This was the most exquisite presentation of this type of dish I have ever seen. Furthermore, the flavours were immense and the duck was so beautifully tender. The Won Ton was incredibly tasty, the potatoes perfectly cooked and well-seasoned. The braised leeks were gorgeous. This was, unquestionably, heaven on a plate!

Slow Cooked Fillet of Charollais Lamb with Celeriac Puree, Minted Vegetables, Rosti Potato served with Rosemary and Redcurrant Sauce was my partner’s choice for mains. How could I possibly be suffering from menu envy given how impressive my own choice was?

The taste and texture of the lamb was a cut above anything we have tried before. This was another dish that put simply – was gastronomic perfection. We have often raved about how a quality sauce can be the making of an exceptional dish, and here, the redcurrant sauce came into its own, doing what it is supposed to – complimenting the food without overpowering the main ingredients. The overall balance of the dish, the flavours and the quality of presentation deserve immense credit.

In conclusion – the whole dining experience was a brilliant one from start to finish. 

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