Harp Gill

Harp Gill, Chef & Owner of The Rub, Wood Smoked BBQ

Telephone : 07921 816010

Website : www.therubbbq.co.uk

The right decision

It takes a brave man to quit a very well paid job in London to pursue their dreams. That’s exactly what Harp Gill did in the summer of 2017 when deciding to start his new street food business. Welcome to The Rub – Wood Smoked BBQ. For many, these might have been nervous times; but within just a few months, Harp was able to sit back and acknowledge he had made the right decision.

“It’s great to work for yourself. This is a family run business and I definitely did the right thing. I love what I do” says Harp.

With countless bookings already confirmed for 2018 for private parties, weddings and some of the best street food festivals around, it would be easy to rest on your laurels, but Harp is always striving to perfect his recipes.

Always looking to improve

It is obvious Harp leaves nothing to chance. Not only does he love what he does, but his attention to every single detail, and every ingredient is clearly the key to his success. “We’re different to a lot of street food vendors who might sell ribs,” explains Harp. “You’ll often be served boiled ribs. Sure, the meat will fall off the bone but they lack flavour. I’ll marinade my ribs for 24 hours with my own rub and then smoke them.” It’s at this point I start to feel hungry even though I’ve only recently eaten! He adds “Although these ribs are full of flavour, my rubs and sauces are all made from scratch and I’m always looking to improve.”

Here at MK Select we’ve already been to events only because we knew The Rub would be there. We’ve sampled those amazing ribs and also the extremely tasty Pulled Pork, served in a brioche bun. This is a real favourite for many. Here again, the meat is left to marinade for 24 hours in one of Harp’s rubs made from his own recipe.

All the meats are sourced from Woburn Country Foods and it is not only the preparation of these fine ingredients that make the difference. It’s the accompanying sauces too. At the time of writing there are no fewer than 11 varieties of home-made sauces available. These include Mango Scotch Bonnet, Pineapple Habanero. An awful lot of work goes into perfecting these sauces. Not only are they unique, but the quality and depth of flavours simply enhance the dishes available.

Not just street food

Although you’ll more than likely come across The Rub at one of the street food events in Milton Keynes this year, this is not all they do. Harp and his family are very much looking forward to catering at more weddings and private functions. “We really enjoy doing these and offer a bespoke menu starting at just £10 per head. We can cater for as many as 300 people and also have gluten free options available on our menus.” This menu does of course contain those brilliant ribs and the pulled pork.  However, you also have a choice of Greek Halloumi Wraps, BBQ Wings and Smoked Gourmet Hot Dogs also feature.

To find out more about The Rub – Wood Smoked BBQ, and where they will feature in MK this year, you can visit their website by clicking here.