Yes Chef!

Scott Ludlow – Executive Head Chef, The Organic Kitchen

Scott Ludlow has achieved more in his relatively short culinary career than most Chefs will in their lifetime. At just 20 years-of-age he owned his own restaurant ….  Read more…

William Bowman Smith – Head Chef, The Organic Kitchen

The Head Chef at The Organic Kitchen used to work at The Savoy. He has also spent time working in top class restaurants in Cornwall and France….  Read more…

Harp Gill – Chef & Owner, The Rub – Wood Smoked BBQ

It takes a brave man to quit a very well paid job in London to pursue their dreams. That’s exactly what Harp Gill did in the summer of 2017 when deciding to start his new street food business. Read more…

Stuart James – Head Chef, The Old Thatched Inn, Adstock

There’s a certain degree of pressure that comes from working at The Old Thatched Inn. This establishment has a pretty lofty reputation. It is however, pressure that Head Chef Stuart James and his team obviously thrive on. Read more…

David Partridge – La Collina, Little Brickhill 

David Partridge has been a Chef for over 25 years. Having previously worked in a number of establishments, he is now a full-time Food Development Chef. He has previously worked as a Chef for La Collina and now works closely with the restaurant to take their popular Panzini dishes to the next level. Read more…..

James Bird – Head Chef – The Cross Keys, Woolstone

When Hannah Edwards and her partner Zani learnt that they would soon be taking over The Cross Keys in late 2015, they immediately knew they wanted James Bird as their Head Chef.  Friends for a number of years, Hannah had long-held the belief…. Read more…..

Phil Fanning, Executive Chef Owner – Paris House

For someone so talented, who owns a restaurant steeped in history, with a reputation for serving the most amazing food, we expected someone a little less down to earth. Read more


Olivier Bertho, Executive Chef – Olivier’s Restaurant

For the last fifteen years there has not been a single morning where Olivier Bertho has not looked forward to going to work. He loves his job, and his team of loyal Chefs clearly enjoy working for him. Read more….


Daniel Kasso – Head Chef, The Bell Inn, Beachampton 

There is no doubt Daniel Kasso would tower over most people he meets. He is a giant of a man. Originally from Hungary, Daniel has a passion for cooking that more than matches his stature. Quite how he came to be Head Chef at the Bell Inn, Beachampton; is a story in itself. Read more…..