Cameron’s Kitchen

Cameron’s Kitchen

5, Odell’s Yard, High Street, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK11 1AQ
Telephone: 01908 568000

When a restaurant is tucked away from the main high street like Cameron’s Kitchen in Stony Stratford, it is only ever going to be busy because of its reputation for the food it serves. When we arrived to find this establishment packed, with only our pre-booked table empty, we immediately knew this was going to be good!

Under the leadership of Masterchef Finalist Dan Cameron and his partner Ailie Bishop, Cameron’s Kitchen continues to excel when it comes to serving exceptional, classic modern European cuisine.

Wallet-friendly without compromising on quality

Many foodies who are aware of this restaurant may have it on their ‘special occasion’ list. While Cameron’s is clearly ideal for such events, their menu has been adapted over the years to include some revamped classics as well as the hugely popular sourdough Pizzas. These are well-liked for a reason! All of their options from this section of the menu are enticing – especially the tasty BBQ PULLED PORK – Black Pudding, Wild Garlic, Hen Egg, Mozzarella.

Tasting menu

For you dear reader, we sampled the 7 course tasting menu. Please note that the following dishes can vary daily as Cameron’s Kitchen always sources the best ingredients available. Please also note that should you see a dish here or on their latest menu that doesn’t appeal, Cameron’s Kitchen will happily create something tailored for you.


Cuttlefish and Lardo Bolognaise. This was a brilliant way to start the evening. The texture of the Octopus was the standout, with a gorgeous crispy outer and lovely tender centre. Because of this dish alone – I now want to eat more Octopus, whereas previously, it would have been far from an automatic choice.


Beetroot Bloody Mary Risotto. The tasty fish was sublime with a beautiful flaky texture. It combined brilliantly with the plump risotto that had the perfect al dente texture in the middle. Both the fish or the risotto on their own would be beautiful – the two combined left me in awe!


Red Pepper Relish, Burrata. When this dish arrived it’s fair to say it was not what I expected. The lamb had been smoked for 48 hours. Its texture was crispy – with the lovely smoky flavours you would expect – but it was the hot and cold combinations in this dish that worked so well. The burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from Mozzarella and cream. The relish was gorgeous but allowed the lamb to remain the star attraction. This dish was a little unusual, tasty, quirky, inventive and above all, delicious!


Champ and Black Pudding, Pork Jus. The second of the meat dishes on offer consisted of the classic combination of pork belly and black pudding. This dish is a winner because of the quality of the pork, the fantastic textures and flavours from the crackling, with black pudding sitting proudly alongside a fantastic jus. So well prepared, this was impossible to fault.


Duck Fat Chips, Grilled Asparagus. Of all the dishes, I was most looking forward to this and it certainly had the ‘wow’ factor. The beef was beautifully cooked and was truly outstanding in every respect. It was so tender and tasty. The accompanying duck fat chips raised the dish to another level. There was an accompanying pickled onion ring. At first, I am almost ashamed to admit I wondered why it was there. Was it needed? Eat it, and you’ll be truly grateful for this rather cute, tasty and clever little side-kick.


Lemon Verbena Ice Cream, Almond Sponge, Nut Praline. This dessert consisted of the most amazing ice-cream. I wanted more! The contrasting textures from the soft apricot with the nut praline made this an intriguing dish. The almond sponge was so tasty it would have made for a fantastic dessert on its own.


Caramelised White Chocolate Pebbles, Honey Popcorn Ice Cream. We don’t really like to use the term signature dish when there is an abundance of skill in preparing some incredible dishes on this menu. However, over the years, whether it has been in previous restaurants run by Dan Cameron or here at Cameron’s Kitchen, the fondants have always been amongst the best we have ever tried. This variety did not disappoint.

What a way to conclude a truly fascinating dining experience.

To book please call 01908 568 000. You can visit Cameron’s Kitchen by clicking here.